The only wallet for your Lumens

Why lobstr?

  • Simple

    Lobstr busts the myth about complex cryptocurrency world and tackles a seemingly complicated process with two taps. You only need to create a wallet. That’s it. You are in.
  • Safe

    Boasting the highest security level, Lobstr makes your account perfectly protected. All personal data is safely encrypted so you can rest assured that not a single piece of information goes public.
  • Smart

    Lobstr allows you to do all money transactions on the go: receive, send and always keep up with the actual market rates.

How to?

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    Sign up
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Sign up

To start using Lobstr, go through a simple registration process: just enter your email and create a password.

Create Lumen account

Start a new one or attach an existing account.

Send Lumens easily

Choose a recipient, enter amount and go.


Give your username to other people and get money from them.

Monitor the balance

View the current balance and keep all the transactions at hand.

What is Lumen?
Rocking the money

  • World changing technology

    Lumen is an accessible and easy way to move money between people. It performs currency conversions and catches up with the lowest rates.
  • Fast and secure

    Lumen allows to complete various transmissions in seconds, whereas advanced safety ensures high profile protection from data leakage.
  • Open to everyone

    Featuring a public infrastructure, Lumen builds a stable financial platform for both businesses and individuals.