Simple and Secure Stellar Wallet


  • Simple

    LOBSTR wallet is an easy way to start with crypto and Stellar. Nice design, simple interface and clear instructions will help you get the best experience.
  • Safe

    With LOBSTR your account is perfectly protected. All your personal data is encrypted, so you are the only person who can access your money.
  • Smart

    LOBSTR gives you full control of your Stellar Lumens. You can send and request transactions, follow XLM price with our charts and a lot more!

How to?

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    Sign up
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Sign up

To start using LOBSTR, go through a simple registration process: just enter your email and create a password.

Create Stellar account

Create new account or attach existing account.

Send Lumens easily

Choose a recipient, enter amount and confirm.


Give your username to other people and get payments from them.

Monitor the balance

View the current balance and keep all the transactions at hand.

What is Stellar?
Rocking the money

  • Future of banking

    Stellar allows to send cross-border payments in seconds, reliably and with extremely low fees. Stellar is an open-source protocol for exchanging money.
  • Fast and secure

    Decentralized Stellar network validates transactions within seconds and allows irreversible and cryptographically secure payments.
  • Open to everyone

    Stellar is a stable financial platform open for businesses, banks and individuals across the globe.