Boost asset visibility

Most Stellar assets can already be found on LOBSTR. If you are an asset issuer, you can increase your asset's visibility by applying to list them as a known, curated, or featured asset

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Any unlisted assets on the Stellar network are placed into this default category
1% swap fees
Interaction warnings before buying, adding, or claiming
Available through search only
Are you having trouble finding your asset on LOBSTR?
Visit the search page to ensure proper asset configuration.
One-time payment
0.75% swap fees
No interaction warnings
Available through search only
Lower swap fees. Users will not see any interaction warnings before they buy, add, or claim your asset.
One-time payment
0.3% swap fees
No interaction warnings
Listed in the default asset list
Basic promotion
Your asset will appear on the default asset list as ‘Curated by LOBSTR’ to all users. LOBSTR users are more likely to interact with curated assets than unknown assets.

Most Stellar assets
can already be found on LOBSTR

Asset information is publicly available on the Stellar network. If your asset information is complete and accurate,
it is likely that your asset can be found and used on LOBSTR.

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