Most Stellar assets
can already be found on LOBSTR

Asset information is publicly available on the Stellar network. If your asset information is complete and accurate,
it is likely that your asset can be found and used on LOBSTR.

Search for your asset on LOBSTR

Search by asset code (e.g. USDC) or home domain (e.g. to see if your asset is already available on LOBSTR.
This is the same asset search used within LOBSTR. If your asset can be found here, users can also find it within our mobile and desktop services.

How do I list an Anchored or Issued Asset?

Stellar is a decentralized public network, so by default, Stellar assets can be seen, held, and traded by any user. In order to make your asset visible when searching for it on LOBSTR or other services, you’ll need to publish important identifying information about your asset so our users know what it represents.

Once identifying information is obtainable, assets automatically become available on LOBSTR, allowing them to be found by users via search. Assets can gain additional visibility by being listed on our default asset list that is displayed to all users. All assets on this list undergo an additional review process to ensure they meet technical and quality standards.

Want your asset to be listed on LOBSTR?

Boost the visibility of your asset by applying for a listing on LOBSTR. If you feel you have a high-value, popular asset within the Stellar ecosystem, reach out and apply today.