LOBSTR | Signer Extension

Securely connect to decentralized services on the Stellar network and sign transactions with your LOBSTR wallet mobile app.

Safe and simple way to access your favorite services

Connect your wallet to popular services built on the Stellar network in the easiest way possible

Connect in 3 steps. Fast & easy

Connect your wallet from the LOBSTR app to the signer extension and use it with any supported services.

Easy to use

Connect your wallet in just a few simple steps and review the full transaction details in the LOBSTR app

Soroban support

Safely explore dApps and Soroban smart contracts on Stellar

Encrypted connection

Securely send transactions between the LOBSTR app and third-party services

Multiple wallets

Connect multiple Stellar wallets from your LOBSTR app or even use different mobile devices.

We are here to help!

Have further questions? Visit our Help Center to learn more about the LOBSTR signer extension or GitHub repository to make suggestions or report bugs.